World record attempt succeeded!

In october 2020, the Gratkorn elementary school in Styria together with the „Papier macht Schule“-team has started a world record attempt with the title „The longest chain of paper trees“. 5.000 of theses trees were needed for the world record.

More than 18.800 have arrived at the location of our world-record-attempt, of which 18,100 trees could be strung according to the world record criteria. A great success both for participants and for the environment, because for every 50 paper trees submitted, one real tree is planted. A new climate-friendly forest is created.

Many thanks to all submitters for the beautiful paper trees and especially THANK YOU to the many volunteers who spent hundreds of hours preparing and stringing the trees. 

The paper tree chain can be visited from Mai 17th to May 21st daily from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Kulturhaus Gratkorn, Bahnhofstraße 2, 8101 Gratkorn.