How to create a real forest from the paper trees?

Paper is made from the renewable resource wood

Paper and cardboard are mainly produced from "thinning wood". These are trees that have to be removed from the forest early enough so that other trees have enough light and air to grow (for more information, see paper research booklet p.18 => HERE

Since paper can be recycled a maximum of 7 times, the use of "fresh fibres", i.e. fibres from "fresh wood", is absolutely necessary.

In Austria and many other countries the principle of "sustainability" is practised: For a harvested tree MUST be ensured that at least one new one grows again (this is also anchored in this form in the Austrian Forestry Law).

We plant trees!

It is important to the project team that the wood necessary for the production of the paper trees grows again. For this reason, the children of the Gratkorn primary school will start reforesting a piece of land near the school after the end of the world record.

There are many different calculations on how many sheets of paper can be made from a tree (depends, for example, on the diameter/length of the tree, the type of paper/cardboard, the percentage of recycled fibres and much more).

In any case, we have agreed that we will replant much more than is used: That means one tree for every 50 paper trees strung up. The result is a "climate-friendly world record forest", which will remind us of the world record attempt for a long time and, at the same time, provide good air, water and new resources. 

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